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Elaine Negroponte, President 

Board of Directors

Glorianna Davenport, MIT Media Lab 

Ellen Hoffman, MIT Media Lab 

David Robertson, One Laptop per Child, Former assistant to the mayor of Phnom Penh  

Patricia Sullivan, Natural Resource Defense Council

Naomi Lane, Administrator, Reaksmy Village School

Steve McCambridge, Administrator, Reaksmy Village School

Thank You

CAMBODIA~p.r.i.d.e. is grateful for the generous support of donors who have not only provided critically needed financing, but have made and continue to make contributions to the ideas and philosophy critical to making a difference in childrens' lives.

The foundation also thanks:
American Assistance to Cambodia, 2B1 Foundation, Camnet, Cleveland, Waters
& Bass, DynEd International, Inc, LarryTa Trading and Travel Company, Ltd.,
ShinSat, Sunrise Research, and Thaicom, and a special thanks to Kate
Tetreault and Yoonjung Kim for designing our website.

How to Give

CAMBODIA~p.r.i.d.e. is a registered 501(c)3 charitable foundation.

All gifts to the organization are tax-deductible.

Contributions may be mailed to:

69 Mount Vernon Street
Boston, MA 02108

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